OWN produce websites, commercial email and print.

Pick the product you want with a fixed price up front and never pay more. We aren’t a design company, a web development house or a print company.

We Make Marketing

Do I have to buy online?

Not if you don’t want to, but we don’t start work on your project until we’ve received payment. If the project total is over £1000 this can be a 50% deposit. For project totals less than £1000 the whole amount is due up front.

How Does it Work

Have a look around to find the campaign you want, or chat to us online, call or send an email. A project manager will pick up your project and contact you to being the process. We’ll gather your requirements, talk to you about style, the look and feel of the design you’d like and what you want your project to achieve.

Our designers will then get to work producing concepts for you. Unless you have a fixed idea of what you are looking for most projects will involve at least two concepts. Your account manager will get in touch to discuss the concepts with you, get your feed back and any amendments you’d like for the first round of changes.

The PM will come back to you after the changes. If you’re happy, great, if there are more tweaks to do we’ll make the second and final round of changes before putting your project live or delivering it to you.

What if I want more changes?

As a standard we offer two rounds of changes with our designs and we’re pretty strict about sticking to that. We find that if everyone knows the process we can all focus on getting it right first time. However, if you change your mind, or decide that you need extra amendments, you can buy extra rounds of amendments for all of our products as many times as you need them.